Here at Spacedoll Organic Apparel we love the Earth! Yes! And we love you!

We want to make a positive statement that all women are beautiful no matter what size or shape and that you don’t need to kill animals or use petrochemicals to look fabulous!

We love Mamma Gaia so much and want to do what we can to help restore the balance, so we have decided to create an Australian based clothing line with a focus on the environment.

Using only the best and most sustainable fabrics, our garments are ethically made with love by a small family owned business in Bali, Indonesia.

Inspired by nature and all of it’s beautiful inhabitants, we create beautiful, made-to-order garments to fit all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves in catering for not only ‘average’ sized women, but for smaller and larger sized women.

No size is too big or small – we love it all!

Using natural fibres and organic fabrics such as bamboo, hemp and organic cotton, Spacedoll Organic Apparel is on a mission to change the way we view the the fashion industry. Our goals are to create a truly eco friendly product that will help expand the popularity and use of these more sustainable materials and promote the use of less plastics and pollution on our beautiful planet, Earth.