Ieva’s Story


Real Women. Real Stories.



A bubbly, fun and light hearted young woman with a creative and sassy flare, Ieva shares with me some of her story whilst on a short, but sweet two month visit to Australia!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ieva is a star gazer if I ever did see one. A flower child incarnate a few decades too late.

So how could one possibly find the words to express the sweet, charismatic and heart melting personality of this bubbly, Lithuanian beauty?

We sit down in the late morning sunshine in her garden for a casual interview. Ieva, slouched in her chair, looking SO classy in her vintage blue and white candy striped blouse, sipping away so nonchalant on a wine glass filled with [filtered] water.

(Neither of us have been the interviewer or the interviewee before this moment in time, so naturally, we both feel classy AF.)


A  familiar image of Ieva enjoying an afternoon beer.

★  ★  ★

I ask her what inspires her…


I feel the people that I meet and the stories they’ve got to tell and the jokes they’ve got to crack!”

Dane is my muse” she smiles and points to her lover, Dane – a star groover in his own right, who is finishing his breakfast at the garden table. Witnessing the two of them together feels like the summer of love, nineteen sixtie-seven. A new age John Lennon and Edie Sedgwick sitting before me in all their majestic glory!

The two of them have been travelling, living together and enjoying the good life in London and now, Byron Bay.


A fun afternoon of dress ups and snaps – this car was parked on our front lawn so we asked the young gentleman who owed it, if we could use it in our vintage style shoot. The perfect addition to Ievas Retro vibe.

It’s really inspiring to see young women with a passion to lead and direct.

Ieva shares with me her dream of being an art director one day – preferably in an amazing gallery somewhere. She aspires to be a leader and to encourage others to do their best and work as a team to create MAGIK!

vb_vase01Ievas floral arrangements for her farewell party – This girl loves her beer and adorned the living room with wild flowers and recycled alcohol bottles. I will forever keep a VB bottle and flower on my window sill in honour of this amazing sister.

Ieva strikes me as a real ‘go getter’ – a woman who will go far in whatever path, career or passion she chooses to follow.

Whilst studying graphic design at Uni, Ieva chose to believe in her own vision, and not to be afraid to express her ideas regardless of what her teachers and peers would have to say about it. She Stepped up! And she is proud of that!

★ ★ ★

So what has been Ieva’s biggest challenge?


Just like…letting it be”, 

she says, so simply and matter-of-fact.

ieva_blogimage03    ieva_blogimage02

This girl has got so much sass, one could only imagine what kind of super powers she would have…


(Most probably into space).

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What a Rock Star! 

To wrap up this lovely sun-kissed interview Ieva gives young women her best advice…

Try something new every day!”

       ieva_blogimage04I love the personal touches that each woman brings to the shoot. Ieva wearing her Jannis-inspired glasses.


I have had such a pleasure creating and sharing beautiful, fun, exciting and fantastic moments with this amazing sister and I wish her the very best for all her future endeavours – London and beyond!